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Our story

Bjarne Lundh started as agent in 2002 in Falköping, Sweden after coaching for many years. Since that time until he took a break in 2015 he signed around 150 contracts every year in all different countries and leagues.

Bjarne took a break as Sico licensed agent in 2015 when he decided to accept a coaching job in Sweden and to work as a player developer in Lillehammer, Norway, this two jobs at the same time.

From that time until winter 2018 he has worked to develop player and to find their next level and also find a deal for them in higher leagues. He has also educated sportsmanagers in an international manager class.

Anton is a young hungry, newly trained recruiter with the right enthusiastic, passionate and eager to help clients 24-7. Anton has played hockey since 3 years old so he knows everything in the game and around it.

Now with the help from Anton Lundh, they are going to take on the mission to help north American players to find a team, negotiate and to sign contracts in European leagues.

We strive to prepare our players from North America with knowledge, critical thinking, ethics; integrity, skills and a great passion of succeed with our mission.

The team with a veteran agent Bjarne, with the wisdom of the business since 2002 and with all the important connections and with an excellent reputation. Together with the young, eager, passionated and serviceminded Anton is a winning formula.

”Your Career – Our Mission”